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Bowy Lou Gift Cards: Unwrap the Gift of Choice


Gifting just got more versatile and elegant with Bowy Lou's thoughtful gift cards. We know that finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a delightful challenge. That's why we've created a solution that combines versatility and style, allowing you to share the magic of Bowy Lou with your loved ones. Our eGift cards are available in increments of $25, $50, $75, $100, and $150, making it easy to let someone special choose their own Bowy Lou treasure. Let's explore the world of Bowy Lou Gift Cards and see how they can elevate any occasion.

Bowy Lou Gift Cards: The Art of Choice

At Bowy Lou, we believe that every little girl deserves to shine. Our eGift cards offer the freedom to select the perfect amount for any occasion. When it comes to celebrating a new bundle of joy, such as during a baby shower, a Bowy Lou Gift Card goes beyond just elegance:

  • $25 Gift Card: A thoughtful gesture to share a touch of Bowy Lou's unique charm.
  • $50 Gift Card: A step up to indulge in premium bows and more.
  • $75 Gift Card: A choice that allows for a refined selection of not just bows but special experiences.
  • $100 Gift Card: A substantial gift for those who adore Bowy Lou, and works great for multiple orders. 
  • $150 Gift Card: An exquisite gesture for the most special moments, providing the opportunity to create lasting memories, perfect for the first chapter of life and beyond. 

Elegance at Their Fingertips

With a Bowy Lou eGift card, your loved ones will have the Bowy Lou collection at their fingertips. Whether they're after a classic Cable Knit Bow Headwrap, an adorable Cable Knit Headwrap Bow in Camel Daisy, or any other charming accessory from our collection, they can use their gift card to select their favorite style and color. It's like giving them a little piece of Bowy Lou's timeless charm.

Delivered with Love on Any Occasion

Our eGift cards are not just about the amount; they're about the thought and care behind your gift. You can choose the perfect day for delivery, ensuring your gift arrives exactly when you want to celebrate a baby shower, a birthday, a holiday, or any other special moment. It's the art of gifting, Bowy Lou style, and it means so much more.

How to Get Your Bowy Lou Gift Card

Acquiring a Bowy Lou eGift card is a breeze. Simply visit our Gift Card Page and select the desired amount. You can then proceed to checkout and specify the delivery date and recipient's details. It's a gift that's as convenient to give as it is delightful to receive.


Elegance is a gift that keeps on giving, and with Bowy Lou's Gift Cards, you can share that gift with your loved ones. Choose from our increments of $25, $50, $75, $100, and $150, and let the recipient embark on a journey of timeless charm and style. Delivered with love on any occasion, these eGift cards are the perfect way to celebrate the special people in your life.

Visit Bowy Lou today to discover our Gift Cards and bring a touch of style to your gifting.

With warm regards,

The Bowy Lou Team

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